Who are we?


Music, differently

Putzi Productions is an artist agency that accompanies, represents and promotes authentic and inspiring artists from Lebanon and Switzerland. Putzi Productions was co-founded in 2019 by Kurt Werren (Switzerland) and May Arida Werren (originally from Lebanon) and is based in Bern, Switzerland.

Putzi Productions represents two female Lebanese artists - Frida and Sandmoon, a Lebanese band led by Sandra Arslanian – as well as Almwaya, a Libano-Swiss musical project with Maya Aghniadis aka Flugen and Wael Sami Elkholy.

In 2021, Putzi Productions registered Putzi Records as a Swiss record label with IFPI and released its first EP in December 2021.

Contact us at reachout@putziproductions.com



Arab Soul from Beirut

Creating love and joy through music, that is what Lebanese soul singer Frida's music is all about. In her stories wrapped in songs, she sings of the divine feminine in all of us and summons the energy of the elements - which comes rushing in so undoubtedly that it is inevitably transmitted to the audience.

Frida is first and foremost, free. She brings this freedom to all of us ready to embody our fullest selves. In her music lies the promise of our collective awakening.  

Frida’s latest album ”لأني أحب - the freedom to be” has many musical sources. The album truly captures the fusion between Classical Arabic and soul music and blends the crisp soulful tone of Frida with refined and vibrant rhythms, haunting bass lines and intricate Oud phrasing, courtesy of Félix Fivaz, Florian Bolliger and Wael Sami Elkholy


Progressive World Music

Almwaya is a musical project that takes you to a progressive world music universe by walking through a tunnel of electronic beats and synthesizers. And as singular as Almwaya’s music are the nostalgic lyrics, sung in a fantasy language that only makes sense through the colors of their tones, and vocal frequencies that balance the feminine and the masculine.

Almwaya's first album "Riding a Camel in the Middle of the Sea" was released in May 2022 on the Italian music label The Garden of J.


Indie Pop/Rock

Lebanese outfit sandmoon offers an original take on indie pop/rock, infusing it with subtle Middle-Eastern intonations and melancholy, and a certain timelessness. Singer-songwriter Sandra Arslanian, who initiated the project, was born in Lebanon, raised in Belgium and has Armenian roots – a contrasted blend that is perceptible in the music.