Frida - Arab soul from Beirut

Creating love and joy through music, that is what Lebanese soul singer Frida's music is all about. In her stories wrapped in songs, she sings of the divine feminine in all of us and summons the energy of the elements - which comes rushing in so undoubtedly that it is inevitably transmitted to the audience. 

Frida is first and foremost, free. She brings this freedom to all of us ready to embody our fullest selves. In her music lies the promise of our collective awakening. 

Frida's Arab Soul from Beirut is influenced by all types of music that make her heart shiver or dance: American soul, funk and jazz; French chanson and oriental tarab, and a good amount of African rhythms, always.

Photo credit: Benno Hunziker.

Almwaya - Progressive world music

Almwaya is a musical project that takes you to a progressive world music universe by walking through a tunnel of electronic beats and synthesizers. And as singular as Almwaya’s music are the nostalgic lyrics, sung in a fantasy language that only makes sense through the colors of their tones, and vocal frequencies that balance the feminine and the masculine.

Almwaya's first album "Riding a Camel in the Middle of the Sea" was released in May 2022 on the Italian music label The Garden of J.

Meira Loom - Neon soul

With her versatile voice, Meira Loom pursues the universal wisdom of life in her music. Mesmerized as a kid by the sound of Whitney Houston and the soul of Aretha Franklin, Meira Loom began her musical journey studying music in Lucerne (Switzerland) and Copenhagen (Denmark). Performing in various bands and musical genres, she grew to take inspiration from Lianne La Havas, Sophie Hunger, and Jamie Cullum. Carried by earthy beats, airy guitar, and flowing keys, Meira Loom’s signature sound is rooted in Neon Soul.