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Single #01: Wake Up - 24/06/22
Single #02: Where do we go from here? - 02/09/22
"While we watch the horizon sink" - Album release on 04/11/22


The first single of the new album is out!

Sandmoon continues to create evocative music which are emotionally driven with an unerring sense of style that springs from Arslanian’s multi-cultural upbringing—born in Lebanon with Armenian roots and raised in Belgium. Produced by Marwan Tohme at Tunefork Studios in Lebanon, the song includes Arslanian on main and backing vocals, synths and keyboard; Sam Wehbi on guitar, Georgy Flouty on bass and Dani Shukri on drums. “Wake Up” is the first single taken from their forthcoming album, “While We Wach the Horizon Sink”, which will be released later this year.

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Wake Up - Official Music Video

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The Lebanese act flourish with a sound meshing familiar dream-pop engrossment with a Middle-Eastern influence. [...] “Wake Up” is a testament to Sandmoon’s melodic songwriting and lushly entrancing mode of production.” - Mike Mineo, Obscure Sound

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It's All Indie, 17/07/22

"Wake Up" is a striking track that captures your attention from the get-go, there are sun-kissed synths and a guitar line that sounds like something MGMT would write.

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