Sandmoon - Electronic Press Kit

Sandmoon Showreel

Live recording at Riwaq Beirut on 27th June 2023.

Full band concert.

Sound engineer: Joy Moughanni
Filmed by: Ghiath Ayoub
Edited by: Somar Shaikh

Latest album: While We Watch the Horizon Sink

It is an intense and colorful collection of songs exploring dream & indie pop, rock & folk. It delves into emotions felt while going through dystopian, surrealistic times as was the case these past two years worldwide, and especially in Lebanon. From protests and the hope they carried to Covid restrictions & lockdown blues, from the Beirut port explosion and the meltdown of a country to spiritual awakening and a new, transformed perspective on things.

While guitars are ever present, sandmoon’s piano is back on the playlist with Silent Leaders as well as gripping synths as in Wake Up. The Bearable Lightness of Being makes you dance with its swinging guitars and Where Do We Go From Here transports you with its swells and harmonies. And at every turn, the versatile, heartfelt vocals espouse the mood with intensity.

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